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SmittyBilt Premium Winch Accessory Kit (30,000LBS) 2725

SmittyBilt Premium Winch Accessory Kit (30,000LBS) 2725

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SmittyBilt Premium Winch Accessory Kit (30,000LBS) 2725

SKU : SB-2725
Manufacturer: Smittybilt

Availability: In stock

Bulk Item Surcharge: CA$14.95


Smittybilt 2725

Off road recovery kits are a must for any Jeep or off-road vehicle owner, and this is the perfect solution for you if you are purchasing a winch. You never know when you're going to need these tools to help someone out of a tough spot, or to recover your vehicle. Kit includes: heavy-duty gloves, a recovery chain, tow straps, D-ring and a snatch block.

Recovery Strap 3" x 30' rated at 30,000 lb.
Tree Trunk Protector 4" x 8' rated at 30,000 lb. Allows you to Safety pull from a tree without damaging the trunk.
Work Gloves protect your hands from rope burns and splinters from wired winch rope.
Snatch Block 17.6k lb. Allows you to gain more leverage when your really stuck on the trails.
D-Ring Shackles Qty 2 3/4". Allows you to hook your rigging materials up to any tow point.
Choker Chain with Hooks 10' of 5/16" Chain can be used as additional attachment point.
Storage Bag Heavy-Duty 600-Denier Bag with Strap. Allows you to keep all of your winching accessories secured and ready for the next use.

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Fits all Jeep makes and models


Everything you need to get out of any off-road jam
Use a tree as an anchor with the 4"x 8' 40,000lbs tree trunk protector
17,600lbs snatch strap is perfect for changing direction of pull or additonal pulling power
All the needed trail tools to get the job done easier and faster
Storage Bag Heavy-Duty 600-Denier Bag with Strap

Parts Included:

(1) Winch Accessory Bag
(1) Tree Saver Strap
(1) Snatch Block
(1) Tow Strap
(1) Chain
(1) Gloves
(2) D-Rings

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