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Hi-Lift Jack Handle-All Multi-Function Tool Kit HA-500

Hi-Lift Jack Handle-All Multi-Function Tool Kit HA-500

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Hi-Lift Jack Handle-All Multi-Function Tool Kit HA-500

SKU : HL-HA-500
Manufacturer: Hi-Lift Jack

Availability: In stock



Hi-Lift Jack HA-500

The Hi-Lift Jack Handle-All is four tools in one. The Handle-All can be configured into a shovel, sledge hammer, or pickaxe, or axe. The Handle-All differs from other multifunction tools in two primary ways: (1) the Handle-All features full-sized, interchangeable heads for full function; and (2) the Handle-All disassembles into a very compact space for easy storage and transport.

The shovel is actually a real shovel with bowl and rake instead of some ridiculous attempt at a shovel attached perpendicularly to an axe head. The sledge hammer is a real 6 lb. sledge hammer. The pickaxe is actually a real pickaxe with a pointed end for punching through rocky soil and a chiseled end for chopping through rooted soil. The axe is actually a real axe with bit, concave cheeks, and poll. When full-sized implements are not required, only one of the two handle pieces may be fitted to reduce the size of the tools.

The Handle-All is the only tool of its kind that combines real function with compactness. All of the pieces store inside the provided storage/transport bag. One need not transport his Handle-All on external roof rack or winch bar brackets.

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