AEV 3.5" DualSport SC Suspension System With Bilstein Shocks For 2007-18 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door Models N0232100AA

Improves front impact ride quality. Increases Anti-Dive for improved braking performance. Decreases the operating angle range of the front driveshaft and eliminates the need for adjustable control arms or cam bolts for caster correction.
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American Expedition Vehicles N0232100AA

EV's DualSport Suspension Systems have taken off-road suspension engineering to the next level. At AEV, suspension development is about more than just adding lift height, articulation, or flashy-looking components. It's all about bringing OE-level suspension engineering to the aftermarket to create a true do-anything "dualsport" suspension - one that is both extremely capable off-road, while offering unparalleled on-road performance and handling.

To achieve this, AEV relied on factory engineering methodology. The first step was to start with the JK's control-arms, track-arms and steering. The geometry of each component was optimized to accommodate the new lifted posture of the JK. It may surprise people to learn that proper geometry is where AEV's DualSport Suspensions get much of their tremendous cornering and braking characteristics. The truth is, when the geometry is right, the springs and shocks don't have to compensate for poor performance in these areas.

Once the geometry was correct, the next step was to focus on the coil springs, again relying on OE methods, which in the case of springs means frequency tuning. Frequency-tuned coil springs share harmonious oscillation characteristics that allow them to work as a matched set, front and rear. The benefit is that they help to keep the JK balanced and in contact with the road, even when driven at high speed over rough surfaces

After the coil springs were dialed in, AEV then partnered up with the engineers at Bilstein to develop a proprietary shock tune to match this unique suspension. Together, engineers from both AEV and Bilstein spent days at a proving grounds facility testing numerous valving combinations in an array of simulated driving conditions. Thanks to the previous optimization of AEV's geometry and coil springs, the shocks were able to be tuned with a focus on damping suspension movement - rather than on trying to mask unwanted handling problems resulting from poor geometry or spring tuning.

Overall, no matter which DualSport Suspension System you choose, no matter where you drive it or how you load it, you can count on your DualSport-equipped JK to remain comfortable, balanced and ready to explore.

SC Kit includes: ST kit plus roll-center adjusted front steering kit, Steering Damper, AEV Jack Base (for use with stock scissor jack and tall tires) and the AEV ProCAL Module.



Fits 2007-18 Jeep Wrangler (JK)



Improve front impact ride quality (expansion joints, ledges)
Increase Anti-Dive for improved braking performance
Decrease the operating angle range of the front driveshaft
Eliminate the need for adjustable control arms or cam bolts for caster correction



12 Month Warranty


Parts Included:

Front and Rear Coil Springs
Bilstein 5100 Shocks
Heavy Duty Steering Stabilizer
Front and Rear Bump Stops
Front and Rear Brake Line Brackets
Custom Rear Track Bar
Rear Axle Side Track Bar Bracket
Sway Bar Links
Front Control Arm Geometry Drop Brackets**
Front Axle Side Track Bar Bracket with Steering Stabilizer Mount
High Steer Drag Link
AEV Jack Base
AEV ProCAL Module


Important Note: 2012+ Exhaust Clearance: Installation on 2012 and newer JKs require a minor exhaust system modification to clear the driveshaft, which can be done at your local exhaust shop. 2007-2011 Driveshaft: For installation on a 2007-2011 automatic transmission JK,

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