Rugged Ridge Magnetic License Plate Holder 11238.08

These magnetic license plate holders allow the mounting of your license plate on any steel body part of your Jeep or Truck.
Rugged Ridge 11238.08

A common complaint with anyone that takes their Jeep off-road is what to do with those state-mandated license plates. If your factory license mount is in the bumper, you can bet it won?t be for long. If it?s hanging on the back corner of the body, you can?t count the times it gets hung on branches, if not bent and battered beyond recognition. But now you can claim victory in the ongoing battle of the tag bash. Rugged Ridge Magnetic License Plate Holder gives you the ability to secure your plate in the most visible place when driving on public roads, and then easily remove or relocate it when taking to the trails. Each set includes a pair of super-strong 8-inch magnetic bars that will hold firmly to steel body panels, bumpers or any flat metallic surface. Each bar is coated with a durable rubberized coating to protect your paint from scratches and scuffs. Easy to use recessed tag hardware attaches securely and the mount can be removed in a jiffy with a firm tug. It?s the ideal solution for those automatic car washes too!



Fits All Jeep Models and Trims



Extremely strong magnet design
Secures the license plate to any flat metal surface
Easily bolts to the magnetic strips with 4 recessed bolts
Installing and uninstalling in mere seconds



5 Year Limited Warranty


Parts Included:

(1) License Plate Holder
(1) Installation Hardware

Buy Rugged Ridge Magnetic License Plate Holder 11238.08 for CA$29.95