The Importance of Using Jeep Parts for a Jeep over Other Car Parts

Jeep parts are a funny thing. They usually work for a jeep and not for another car. Most people though mistakenly think that car parts will work fine for a jeep and vice versa when in fact they won’t. Jeep parts are not interchangeable. You can use jeep parts for a jeep and car parts for a car, but you can’t mix and match.

What’s more is that specific jeep parts should be applied to the specific jeeps. A Jeep Cherokee XJ should use Jeep Cherokee XJ parts. The same goes with Warn Winch, Smittybilt, Hi-lift Jack, Jeep CJ Parts, Rugged Ridge, Bestop, Jeep Rubicon and more.

The Pitfall of Using Different Jeep Parts for a Different Vehicle

It is critical to use jeep parts over regular car parts for a jeep. Mixing different parts spells disaster in the form of problems that can easily be avoided. Transmission problems, stalling and more come to mind.

As an example, imagine taking a phone jack for a corded phone to use on a pay phone. It won’t work  the same. Yet, one’s a phone and one’s a phone. Yet, the two are drastically different.

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