Smittybilt Parts for Your Jeep XJ Will Help Create the Ultimate Off-Road Experience

If you are a Jeep owner and love off-roading to push your Jeep to the limit, visit us at Just Jeeps!  Our great line up of accessories from the trusted Smittybilt brand, including warn winch, hi-lift jack and various other Jeep XJ parts, will impress you!  We offer quality Jeep XJ parts to fit your Jeep and your budget.  Our experienced service staff will help outfit and customize your Jeep to allow you to enjoy it to its fullest potential.

Whether you want to customize your Jeep for off-roading, or want to enjoy your Jeep in the city, our team can help.  We can offer suggestions on how to improve and maintain your Jeep to keep it in the best possible condition to promote longevity.  Jeep owners love their Jeeps and treat them with love and care – and our staff is the same!  We are committed to our customers and to their Jeeps.

Jeep customization for off-roading can be challenging, but with Just Jeeps, we are proud to offer the best Smittybilt parts for your enjoyment.  From warn winches, which can get you out of difficult situations to hi-lift jacks, which are rugged, highly versatile jacks that put you in command of situations requiring lifting, pushing, pulling, and clamping, Just Jeeps can offer you everything you need for the best off-road experiences in your beloved Jeep. 

At Just Jeeps, we have been serving our valued customers for more than 20 years and will strive to exceed your expectations in terms of quality of parts, customer service and value each time you visit us.  Our experienced staff can help assess your needs and recommend the best parts to make your Jeep experience even better!  Our commitment to customer service and quality parts is our top priority at Just Jeeps.  We source only the best parts, using the trusted Smittybilt brand, considered the best in the market.  Smittybilt is involved in the off-road market, often providing the market with the latest trends.  

Just Jeeps is owned and operated by fellow Jeep aficionados who can provide parts, service and advice to make your Jeep the best it can be.   We proudly serve Toronto, Ontario and across the GTA.