ARB Safari Snorkel Kit For 1997-99 Jeep Wrangler TJ Models SS1050HF

A snorkel is essential insurance to protect today's sophisticated engines from ingesting water on inevitable deep-water crossings, and from choking on dust in the desert. Protect your vehicle's motor and supply clean air by lifting the air entry higher.
ARB Competition SS1050HF

Picture your Wrangler at the end of a convoy on a dry dusty trail. As each vehicle before you stirs up dust and debris, your air filter is forced to contain the contaminants as your engine gasps for air. Now picture your vehicle entering a water hole. As the front tires leave the embankment and your Jeep noses into the water, the air intake becomes incredibly vulnerable to water ingestion. Taking water into your engines combustion chambers will create what's known as "hydro lock".

ARB's Safari Snorkels are the largest in body size available and this ensures air supply in excess of engine requirements for both petrol and diesel engines. Safari snorkels are manufactured from high quality polyethylene, which is ultraviolet stabilized, and custom designed in Australia for each particular vehicle make.



1997-99 Jeep Wrangler (TJ)
Pre September 1999 without AC



Designed specifically for the Wrangler
Keep dust, debris and water out of your engine
Raised air intake to prevent your engine from ingesting harmful elements
Water separating air ram design to remove water from the air stream
Durable and UV stable snorkel and air ram for added strength


Parts Included:

(1) ARB Safari Snorkel Kit


Important Note: No Air Conditioning

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